Himaqat Ka Jaal – Last Part

Imran Series By Ibn-e-Safi


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9 Responses to “Himaqat Ka Jaal – Last Part”


    Aug 13. 2011

    very interesting,
    i think since last 30 years or so i have read this novel and remaining all othere novels written by janab ibne safi many times.
    and every time there always be a ‘TASHNAGI’ to read these novels once again.
    that is the ‘jadu’ of novles wretten by ibne safi

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  2. Zaylin

    Sep 18. 2011

    That’s more than sensblie! That’s a great post!

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  3. Farooq

    Dec 05. 2011

    The man was a wizard. Many a times I skipped extremely important tasks because in spite of my wishes I could not pull myself away from his novel.
    Skipping meals was a daily routine. His grip on the language and the gift to use right word on the right occasion was amazing. The comical portions of his writings are of the standard of Patras and Ibn e Insha. I wish some one will post what he wrote as Tughral Furqan and Israr Narvi.


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  4. jameelmujahid

    Sep 14. 2012

    i like it

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  5. horiya

    Nov 27. 2013

    this is so gud imran is so impressive n have extra ordinary skills i really like it vvv much

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  6. Saf shikan

    Dec 15. 2013

    Marhoom mohtaram Ibn e safi ka koi sani nhi,
    inke shahkaar aajbhi hamare dilon me zinda h..

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  7. Name (required)

    Apr 10. 2014

    before 35 years I read all the safi novel
    I am glad to read once again

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  8. A.rahman

    Sep 08. 2014

    Great novel

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  9. Sohail

    Sep 27. 2014

    In my college life back in 80’s i was adicted to read imran series. . Every day i needed one noval. I am glad to read them once again i read 114 novels and 4 special numbers i guess entire collection those days. May God bless you for posting online and May Ibne Safi(israr Ahmed) rest in peace.

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