Grand Victory – Last Part

Novels by Mazhar Kaleem


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19 Responses to “Grand Victory – Last Part”

  1. sameer

    Oct 29. 2011

    it is good

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  2. waseem

    Dec 06. 2011

    not bad

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  3. Shazia farheen

    Dec 25. 2011

    Wow very intrestingg

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  4. atiq

    Dec 30. 2011

    very very spetiol novel

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  5. Asif Iqbal

    Jan 19. 2012

    Imran scries is best urdu noval, Who is fulfill with love of our country. It.s need to more improve it.s story and incloude latest technloagy (The stole of stategic item of the science laboutries in the world).

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  6. Chris

    Jan 19. 2012

    I cannot tell a lie, that really heelpd.

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  7. Mahreen

    Feb 04. 2012

    wow,great novel,I enjoyed it alot,Well done Imran

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  8. shshaid khan

    Aug 04. 2012

    it was geat novel and also great victory 4 pakisha

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  9. sardar asghar

    Aug 08. 2012

    1 achi kawish thi janab mazhar kaleem ki kash is ko par kar humare motalqa hokam ko kuch to sharm aae or wo emandari se humare payare mulk se aisi hi qemti dhahaten nikalen or humara sohna PAKISTAN dunya k saf e awal k mulkon mein shamil ho AMEEN

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  10. Itfa

    Sep 10. 2012

    Its too much boring.Imran did not do anything.no action no suspense.

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    • Keven oaks

      Dec 17. 2013

      hi there, i think you just read imran series for a fun,but nothing else. its a fact that there should be fun as well in the stories but you did`nt got the theme of the story, this may be a typical mental efforts type of story, but still it carries a moral. Please read it again and try to have some lesson, or at least feel that how loyal and genius the characters are, how every one is loyal to his country. dear fellow, the major outcome of the story is that for your country you should do all efforts you can, and a special feelings about the patriotism of Dr Abdul Ghaffar of Pakasia, how he was loyal that he died but never accepted even a singal Dollar from other country to give information.. Please try to read the books for a moral. hope you understand.Thanks.

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  11. Tayyaba farooq

    Sep 23. 2012


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  12. asad

    Jan 04. 2014

    Wow very intrestingg

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  13. papa jani

    Mar 01. 2014

    i love mazhar kaleem all novels …………….ummaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah jani achay novel kay liye

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  14. Naffisa Ahmed

    Mar 10. 2014


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  15. ali raza

    Jul 03. 2014


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  16. Asif Masood

    Aug 22. 2014

    such a beautiful novel……………carry on

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  17. Tayyab khan

    Sep 15. 2014

    Nice but without IMRAN Action

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  18. Johna629

    Sep 18. 2014

    Its actually a nice and helpful piece of information. Im glad that you shared this useful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thanks for sharing. kebeeekkddcg

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