Kali Duniya By Mazhar Kaleem

Kali Duniya by Mazhar Kaleem is very famous novel. The story of this novel based on evil and good powers. Very beautifully Mazhar Kaleem described the theme on which Imran and his fellows fight against the evil powers. The story concept is how black magic makes the people uncomfortable and how the selfish people make the life of poor uncomfortable. Kali Duniya is a perfect masterpiece by Mazhar Kaleem. In Kali Duniya Imran and his companions stops the Non Muslims who sacrifice the lives of animals and other people to get more power from the god of evil. But very amazingly Imran and his fellows completed their mission and save poor people from this trouble. Story’s main character is Hindu Pandit who started this game and made the Kali Duniya the world of black magic. For this purpose he has to sacrifice a 100 goats in front of devil to access the extra powers and he control some of bad evil and powers which helped him to fulfill his mission. When Imran and his team came to know that what is going on then they decided to get rid of it. Another important thing which is done in Kali Duniya is the agent Super Fayaz who is the very intelligent officer also trapped by the evil powers so this made imran so annoyed and he started his mission. You can read Kali Duniya by Mazhar Kaleem online here.


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